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Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

It is a museum in Amsterdam. It exhibits the main works made by Vincent van Gogh, as well as some works by other 19th-century artists, and was opened in 1973.
See some paintings from the Van Gogh Museum.

Aerial view of the Van Gogh Museum.

At the time Van Gogh created his works, they were not valued, however, years after his death, they became world-renowned, making him one of the most famous and recognized painters in the world today.

The museum houses drawings and paintings by the artist, totaling almost 750 works. Many of the letters Vincent wrote to his brother Theo are also on display. On the second floor of the building, about 90 works are displayed chronologically, allowing visitors to appreciate the artistic evolution of the painter.

Paulus Potterstraat 7,
1071 CX, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Near Rijksmuseum (National Museum of Amsterdam), Stedelijk Museum.
Phone +31 205 705 200
Fax +31 205 705 222
Hours , .
Comment on hours During the period from September to December, entrance is advanced to 17:00h. Fridays continue until 22:00h. Check for details.
How to get there - Tram stop: Van Baerlestraat.
Entrance fee 15 € (general).
Location coordinates
Latitude: 52.3588096
Longitude: 4.8542936
Year founded 1973
Institution information See on Wikipedia.
Also known as Van Gogh Museum, Vincent van Gogh Museum.

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Paintings in the Van Gogh Museum: