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Costumbrist painting, also known as "genre painting", is that which captures the social and/or aesthetic behavior that characterizes a human group belonging to a specific time, place, and culture.

In this way, heterogeneous paintings can belong to this genre, as there are no requirements on theme, composition, and style.

Oil Costumbrist Paintings


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The Horse’s Bath, Sorolla
Under the Awning, Sorolla
Research, Sorolla
Research $249.00 USD
After Bathing, Sorolla
After Bathing $249.00 USD
Children Looking for Shellfish, Sorolla
Valencian Fisherwomen, Sorolla
Haymaking, Éragny. Pissarro
Little Sulky, Bouguereau
Little Sulky $370.00 USD
Apple Harvest, Pissarro
Apple Harvest $370.00 USD
Poultry Market at Gisors
After Bathing, Sorolla
After Bathing $249.00 USD
The Café-Concert, Manet
Sewing the Sail, Sorolla
Sewing the Sail $987.00 USD
The Fisherman, Sorolla
The Fisherman $249.00 USD
Sea Idyll, Sorolla
Sea Idyll $249.00 USD
Boys on the Beach, Sorolla
The Fishing, Sorolla
The Fishing $249.00 USD
Walk on the Beach, J. Sorolla
Three Sails, Sorolla
Three Sails $249.00 USD
The Fifer, Manet
The Fifer $149.00 USD
Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, Renoir
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