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Who We Are

We - Who Are We at Artwork-Vault?

We are Ángeles Croxatto (a visual artist) and Andrés, two siblings in Madrid. From a young age, we were interested in the world of art. Back in 2009, eager to do something to offer our products to more people, we saw the opportunity to partner, combining Ángeles' artistic knowledge and Andrés' experience in Web and Marketing. That was when the project began.

In the beginning, there was a lot of work and very few sales, as in any business starting from scratch (supposedly). We started by offering a small collection of posters that soon expanded with a catalog of original works and oil reproductions. Gradually, rewards started to come, and today we are dedicated to organizing our own team of painters to handle all the orders. To keep to our roots, Ángeles Croxatto continues to paint personally and has her own section within the store.

Customer service and satisfaction guarantee are fundamental pillars of our business. We do not want unhappy customers, so we offer quick responses, personalized attention, and most importantly: a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. (see guarantee)

Our confidence in the quality of our paintings allows us to work along these lines. (see quality)

We invite you to check out the new products we continually offer with the latest trends in art and decoration. We hope to have you as a customer in the near future!

The Artwork-Vault Team


Address: (Logistics) Calle Rafaela Bonilla 6, 28028 Madrid, Spain.
Customer service is exclusively online.
Todocuadros C. B.
Tax ID: E88037999

You can also find us at:
LinkedIn (Spain) (Italy) (USA) (UK) (Canadá) (Chile) (Portugal) (Mexico) (Colombia) (Argentina) (Peru) (In Spanish) (our printed art store)

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