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Darío de Regoyos

Darío de Regoyos y Valdés

Photograph of Darío de Regoyos
Full name: Darío de Regoyos y Valdés.
Nationality: Spain.
Year of birth: 1857, Ribadesella, Spain.
Year of death: 1913, Barcelona, Spain.
Style: Impressionism.

Spanish impressionist painter, born in Asturias, he moved to Madrid at the age of 21 to train. There he met masters of the Belgian scene who were the catalysts for his move to Brussels a year later. There he mingled with the European avant-garde of Impressionism, becoming an important part of the movement.

Restless, he always sought to nourish his sight and mind with the most inspiring landscapes of Europe, leading him to travel incessantly, often in the company of other artists, through Spain, Holland, France, and Belgium.

His works are considered influential for later figures, such as Picasso himself, and have been exhibited in the most prominent galleries worldwide, in countries such as: Argentina, Mexico, the United States, London, and France.

Spanish museums have hosted Regoyos exhibitions: Thyssen-Bornemiza, El Prado, and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

Paintings by Darío de Regoyos

Works created between 1879 and 1912

  • The Train Passing in Pancorbo

  • Walk of Alderdi Eder

  • Landscape of Hernani

  • Almond Trees in Bloom

  • The Market in Villafranca de Oria

  • La Concha (San Sebastián) at Night

  • Rain in the Bay of Santoña

  • The Bath in Rentería

  • Basque Celebration with Dance (San Sebastián)

  • Large Chimneys in Bilbao

  • The Basque Coast in the Morning

  • Durango, Vizcaya

  • The Chicken Coop

  • Guadarrama

  • Irún in the Morning

  • Good Friday Morning in Orduña

  • Funeral in Oñate

  • Snowy Night Landscape in Haarlem

  • The Passing Train

  • Good Friday in Tolosa
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