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Rocía Arias

Rocío Arias

Rocío Arias Ledesma.

Rocío Arias Ledesma was born in Madrid in 1994. She studied art history at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Interested in artistic study from her academic beginnings at the Isabel La Católica Art Institute.

She covers a wide range of styles, from abstract-figurative to realistic, focusing especially on portraiture. She represents with excellent realism those parts of the human body that convey emotions

Her artistic research focuses on the use of color and the use of light and shadow to create figures that try to capture the viewer. In her works, she employs a variety of materials: oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink

The general intention of the artist is to engage the viewer in the content of her works, trying to create an atmosphere of emotions that envelops the audience. In such a way that the meaning of her paintings transcends beyond the image itself. Her style corresponds to a form of pictorial language, which leaves behind the search for beauty to delve into a world of sensations.

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Kairos<br /> Rocío Arias
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