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Josefa Riquelme

Josefa Riquelme C.

Josefa Riquelme C.
Josefa Riquelme, born in 1995, resides in Boston, USA. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Art History.

An emerging artist with a sensitivity for symbolism and its use in art, interested in the representation of being in different contexts. She presents carefree and fresh works, in abstract-figurative and realistic styles. Expert in creating beauty from movement, color, and symbolism.

She began her collaboration with TodoCuadros in the year 2013, writing specialized art texts. She is an expert art analyst and critic. Starting in 2015, she began to offer her own works exclusively on the website.

Her artworks are considered an investment, contributing to the current artistic landscape. Built upon a sophisticated artistic proposal, they show great expression and beauty, in the words of the artist herself: "I want to meld movement, color, and naturalist figures into powerful pieces of art... that speak.".

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