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Ángeles Croxatto

Ángeles Croxatto T.

Ángeles Croxatto T.
Ángeles Croxatto, director of Todocuadros (who are we?), is a plastic artist with outstanding skill in abstract and figurative compositions, knows decorative trends and masterfully handles the most favorable color combinations for decoration.

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SoldBlues <br /> A. Croxatto (2018)
Blues $567.00 USD
SoldPop Vases <br /> A. Croxatto (2017)
Pop Vases $567.00 USD
SoldCuadro "Homenaje a Pollock" <br /> A. Croxatto (2015)
SoldPainting "The Harvest" <br /> A. Croxatto (2015)
The Harvest $479.00 USD
SoldPainting "Red Line" <br /> A. Croxatto (2015)
Red Line $1,127.00 USD
SoldPainting "Snow Water" <br /> A. Croxatto
Snow Water $479.00 USD
SoldPainting "The Blue Lake" <br /> A. Croxatto
The Blue Lake $567.00 USD
SoldGarden Colour <br /> A. Croxatto
Garden Colour $517.00 USD
SoldIndian Patches <br /> A. Croxatto
Indian Patches $1,127.00 USD
SoldCoral Rosso <br /> A. Croxatto
Coral Rosso $1,127.00 USD
SoldHomenaje a Kandinsky <br /> A. Croxatto
SoldSunrise <br /> A. Croxatto
Sunrise $1,127.00 USD
SoldReflection of the Horizon <br /> A. Croxatto
SoldSabana <br /> A. Croxatto
Sabana $366.00 USD
SoldBarco en Fiesta <br />A. Croxatto
Barco en Fiesta $410.00 USD