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Paintings inspired by Chagall in oil

Marc Chagall (1887-1985), was a European painter who cultivated avant-garde styles, an artistic influence to this day. Learn more about the biography and works of Marc Chagall.

Reproductions inspired by Chagall in oil on canvas:

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I and the Village, Chagall
Green Violinist, Chagall
Green Violinist $149.00 USD
Paris through the Window, Chagall
The Promenade, Chagall
The Promenade $149.00 USD
Birthday, Chagall
Birthday $149.00 USD
White Crucifixion, Chagall
The Creation of Man, Chagall
The Blue Circus, Chagall
The Blue Circus $149.00 USD
Houses at Vitebsk, Chagall
The Grey House, Chagall
The Grey House $149.00 USD
Self-Portrait, Chagall
Self-Portrait $149.00 USD
The Madonna of the Village, Chagall
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