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Magritte oil paintings

Magritte was a 20th-century Belgian painter with immense creativity, impacting all of Europe with his surrealist approach at a time when traditional French art movements dominated everything. Learn more about the biography and works of René Magritte.

Magritte oil reproductions on canvas:

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The Infinite Recognition, Magritte
The Great War, Magritte
The Great War $205.00 USD
The Treachery of Images, Magritte
The Art of Living, Magritte
The Empire of Light II, Magritte
Collective Invention, Magritte
Black Magic, Magritte
Black Magic $205.00 USD
The Menaced Assassin, Magritte
Time Transfixed, Magritte
Time Transfixed $205.00 USD
Golconda, Magritte
Golconda $205.00 USD
The Lovers, Magritte
The Lovers $205.00 USD
The Son of Man, Magritte
The Son of Man $205.00 USD
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