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Tom Richmond

Tom Richmond

Caricature Artist born in 1966 Wisconsin, USA, works independently drawing for numerous American publications. He is considered one of the best comic illustrators of our times. His vocation began in his childhood by making satirical drawings of his teachers at school, which cost him more than one punishment. His personal drawing hero is Drucker, alongside whom he has worked at the MAD magazine, he has won numerous world-renowned awards, including twice "Cartoonist of the Year" (1998 and 1999) and the "Advertising Illustration" award given by the National Caricaturist Network (2003).

Mort Drucker
Al Hirschfeld
David Levine


Richmond's Caricatures

Caricature of the English singer.
Amy Winehouse

Satire of the American series Earl.
My Name is Earl

Caricature of the German scientist.

Caricature of the film starring Harrison Ford.
Indiana Jones

Funny drawing of Nicholson receiving an Oscar.
Jack Nicholson

Comical portrait of actor Mike Myers.
Austin Powers