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T. Merry

Trina Merry

Painted Bodies

Trina Merry is an American artist specialized in painted bodies.

Body painted with a snail motif.

She resides in San Francisco and is the founder of the Art Alive Gallery, where she has been developing her artistic work since 2011.

The painter's appreciation for this form of art is expressed in her own words:

The surface of my art are living, breathing human beings, making them a relevant and immediate medium. I use hypoallergenic non-toxic paints, applied with brush, broom, and airbrush. The works are ephemeral, like the sand paintings of the Tibetans, beginning to transform as soon as I stop painting, changing their texture and color...
Artist Information
  • Nationality: American.
  • Artistic Discipline: painted bodies.
  • Official Website:

Check out this selection of the top 25 works by Trina Merry:

Body painted in cold colors.
"Winter Birches"
Black girl painted.
"The Message"
Luminescent colors on the body.
"Ancient Alien"
Floral artwork.
"Lotus Flowers"
Body painted in fetal position.
Body camouflaged with the background.
"The Golden Gate"
Painting "Guernica" on a girl.
"Picasso's Guernica"
Artistic photography.
"Warrior with Black Light"
Pastel colored artwork.
Flower painting with turquoise background.
Painted hands.
Artistic design on body.
Art on two wheels.
"Human Motorcycle"
"Birds of Paradise"
Orange flowers on black background.
"Painted Prenatal Belly"
Portrait of a girl.
Pollock style painting.
Painting with people.
"San Francisco"

More paintings

Spiral design.
Painted tears.
Aboriginal painting.
Trina Merry's painting.
Dance and paint.
Art and hug.

The origin of this art

The origin of body painting is lost in the mists of time. Since prehistoric times, countless variants of this art have developed, including: aboriginal characterizations, tattoos, henna drawings (Hindu culture), etc. You can read more about Body Painting on Wikipedia.