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Antique music posters

Music Group Posters

The products on this page are not for sale

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Here you will find a selection of posters of music legends, famous artists, bands, and solo singers who have left a mark on the global music scene. The posters you see below are only part of an image gallery and are not for sale.

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Concert poster from 1974.
The genius of reggae.
Bob Marley
Concert poster in New York.
Bruce Springsteen
The King of Rock in Mississippi.
Elvis Presley

Poster of the band at Madison Square Garden.
Green Day
The five brothers performing in Indiana.
Jackson Five
Concert of the soul master.
Janis Joplin
Legendary poster of the guitarist.
Jimi Hendrix

The band announcing the Electric Magic show.
Led Zeppelin
Cover of the album Master of Puppets.
The King of Pop 25 years after Thriller.
Michael Jackson
Graphic advertisement of the band.
Pearl Jam

English musicians in Denver, Colorado.
Graphic advertisement of a concert in California.
Poster of the famous American pianist.
Ray Charles
Poster to announce the funk band.
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The most acclaimed artists on tour in Connecticut.
Rolling Stones
The most famous English band in history in the USA.
Poster of the quartet of musicians.
The Clash
Poster announcing Jim Morrison.
The Doors

English trio led by Sting.
The Police
Concert of the Jamaicans in New York.
The Wailers
Illustrated drawing of the band.
The Who
Solo musician on his "And the Heartbreakers" tour.
Tom Petty

U2 in illustrated poster.